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Where exactly will my business be listed?

With our premium service, you’ll get listed in 15 of the most popular directories including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. You also retain control over your listings. If you don’t want to be listed on a certain directory, you can simply disable the listing.

How does this boost my SEO?

Listing your business in online directories helps your SEO by quickly and easily providing links to your business. WiseKick only partners with the most reputable directories that carefully moderate and approve the listings they publish.

How does it work if I already have some listings already?

We start our process by looking up your business in the places we list to ensure there are no duplicate listings, which cause unnecessary confusion for your customers. If you already have an account in a listing, we do not create an additional one for you.

What happens if my business information changes like changes names?

No problem! You can always update your business information in WiseKick webapp editor. Once you update your business information, we will automatically update the data in all your listings.

My business doesn’t have a physical address. Will I still get benefit from WiseKick?

Absolutely. WiseKick will help you improve your online presence by listing your company at dedicated listings and directories. When we list your business, we submit all the information you provided, such as keywords, business description, products and services. By doing so, search engines retrieve your site more frequently, and for the most relevant searches.

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