The ultimate growth platform for micro businesses

We’ve already helped over 700,000 small businesses grow. Now it’s your turn.

The WiseBrand platform is a family of solution crafted to help micro businesses grow:

Nearly 55 million Americans are working as a micro business or freelancing. That’s 35% of the workforce.

Our Passion

Helping micro businesses grow their online business.

How we do it

We take existing solutions and simplify them into products that fit their specific needs.

Our Products

Email Signature. Design, Email, Impress.

You send dozens of emails every day, just imagine the effect of a pro email signature. A WiseStamp signature will strengthen your brand, showcase your portfolio or engage your recipients in your social networks.

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Personal Website. Personalize, Be found, Engage.

Getting your very own personal webpage is a few clicks away. WiseIntro offers the easiest way to create an engaging webpage, with Video backgrounds, Analytics and more to attract more leads and to support your personal brand.

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Site Listing. List your site, Locally, Get more leads.

List your site on Search engines, Mobile services and Social networks Listing your site can bring you much more traffic and business, but can be very tiring to do. WiseKick does it all for you automatically. We’ll list your site on the relevant local directories so all that’s left for you is to deal with the influx of new clients.

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Business Cards. Choose, Print, Get them to your door.

Don’t be caught without a professional business card The importance of a business card is grave and being caught in a business interaction without one can cost you clients. WiseCard lets you order high quality business cards from a variety of designer made template delivered to you with the click of a button.

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Business Swag. Add logo, choose product, get it delivered

Get your brand printed on products Whether you desire logoed t-shirts, branded coffee mugs, company notebooks or any other kind of swag you can use or gift to your clients, WiseSwag got you covered. Printing and ordering is a breeze. You’ll be sipping coffee from your own branded mug in no time.

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Email & Webpage Stats. Connect, get the data you need, Grow

Use your usage stats to infer business insights Learn who opened your emails, when do they reply, how many people visited your webpage and know the difference between those who did or didn’t engage with you. WiseBoard lets you own your data and statistics so you can take data and transform it into Growth

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